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Soccer in Spanish

This free audio lesson is all about soccer in Spanish (or football to most of the world outside the USA). Discover how to say that you like playing soccer in Spanish among other useful phrases!

Soccer is like a religion in many Spanish speaking countries. In fact sometimes it may seem that football is the only sport they practice such is the attention given to it in the Spanish speaking media and topics of conversation. Given the importance it plays, you better have some of the soccer words and terms up your sleeve ready so that you too can engage in some impassioned discussions of whether the striker was or was not offside or whether the opposition player got away with an obvious hand ball or not.

Learn these words and the locals will soon welcome you to their football loving fold.

Resources for further reading:

Talking about Soccer in Spanish

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Soccer / Football

¿Juegas fútbol?

Do you play soccer?

Sí, juego fútbol.

Yes, I play soccer.

Me gusta jugar fútbol.

I like playing soccer.

¡Mi equipo de fútbol es el mejor!

My soccer team is the best!

Spanish soccer vocabulary

Fuera de juego

Off side



Selección nacional

National team


Mid field player






Corner kick





Patada al Gol

Goal kick







Saque de salida


Juez de línea


So next time you find yourself watching a game of football, don’t be too shy to yell at the referee on T.V like everyone else and feel confident that you are getting the words right as well as taking part in what is one of the most popular sporting and cultural aspects of many Latin American countries.

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See you soon! ¡Hasta pronto!

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