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videos not playing on smartphone

I am not able to play the videos on my smartphone. Even after trying to change the user agent on the browser settongs, I get the error: File has incorrect data. I just bought this course today and really like the crossword game but am frustrated with th...

1 reply - Last post by Carol-R26 - December 31, 2012

Any new or active users?

Looking at all the last posts I can see that the sign language part of the site was between 2008 and 2010. Not that I really care, but it does make me realize that not too many people are interested in this. I personally love learning ASL compared to othe...

6 replies - Last post by Lydia-G - October 12, 2012

Sign Language

Are there tests of sign language on

1 reply - Last post by Charity-R - September 20, 2012

audio instruction for sign language

Is there any audio instructions in the sign lanuage lessons

1 reply - Last post by Rocket-Languages - September 18, 2012

Can't figure out what is being signed

In Lesson 5.4--Classifiers Part One, I am uncertain as to what is being signed in the last example for "Practice Time" (other than the sign for "helicopter"). Could someone please provide assistance as to the individual signs and their proper order? It wo...

3 replies - Last post by Lydia-G - July 29, 2012

Deaf/Blind Help!

Is there anyone who knows 2 hand Manual or Lomar? and is There an American Version of theser Sign Languages I am Going Blind & My Wife is Profound Deaf! at times Mute from Alergic reactions to Medication, Advair took her Voice for over a Year and a Half!

2 replies - Last post by gene-lansberry - June 21, 2012

I cant find the place where i can download my lessons

I cannot find where im supposed to be able to download the ASL lessons and games. Can somebody help me find it? :?

6 replies - Last post by joicelin-p - April 4, 2012


I would like to find a group around Columbus, OH for practice sessions.

0 replies - Last post by Harold-H - June 7, 2011

Finger Spelling Alphabet

In the 3.1 Fingerspelling Part II I had noticed that the sign for the letter S shows the thumb as pointing up instead of crossing over the index and middle finger and also for the letter T the thumb is not being placed in between the index and middle fing...

0 replies - Last post by KeimK - February 12, 2011

Show Answer does not work

On Lesson 4.3, The Five WH Questions, my Show Answer function is not working on Practice Time. I cannot figure out the middle word being signed ("ASL _____ learn?"). Could someone please help with this? Thanks!

1 reply - Last post by Jake - January 25, 2011

Safari Browser Supported?

I noticed some of the features, such as the "Show the Answer" buttons on pages like this one: ...don't work in Safari (version 5.0 is what I'm u...

1 reply - Last post by Jake - July 19, 2010

Quiz Not Working

I click on "Your Practice" then check one of the boxes (or some or all) and click Submit. The next screen says "You have 0 randomly selected questions to answer". So, I'm not given any questions. It seems the quiz feature is not wor...

3 replies - Last post by Jake - May 21, 2010

slowing down the videos

I thought you could slow down the videos, watch in slow motion? I'm at the 1st few videos and can't find how to slow them down as they are too fast for me to comprehend and imitate. Please, help as I would really like to learn.

1 reply - Last post by cmerickson - February 23, 2010


I have just had an opportunity to purchase Rocket ASL. Is is supposed to start from test (game) not teaching how to sign alphabets? Any tip for a beginner will be appreciated members. thank you.

1 reply - Last post by Jake - August 6, 2009


I am trying to download the lessons and I have purchased everything. It is saying I am forbidden and don't have access. Please help!

2 replies - Last post by Jake - June 17, 2009

Should I watch the video clips first?

Hi there, I'm a new Rocket Sign Language member and want to know the best approach to the system. I'm not the most Internet savvy, (hence my son has helped me find this forum!) I'd like to learn signing as I think it would be useful to me as a teacher. I ...

1 reply - Last post by Jake - June 17, 2009

Volunteer Opportunities?

Hello, are there any ASL veterans out there? I know ASL pretty well now and I’m wondering whether I can attend a Deaf Community event? Do I have to be invited, or can I offer to volunteer? I’d like to get involved with the Deaf community, as I’m interest...

1 reply - Last post by candybrown80 - April 13, 2009

Is the 6 Day Course free?

Yes, the Rocket Sign Language 6 Day Course is completely free and available to you with absolutely no obligation to do anything! The 6 Day Course includes the trial version of the MegaSign Game plus heaps of video files, so make sure that you sign up for it!

0 replies - Last post by Jake - September 1, 2008

How do I sign up for the 6 Day Course?

To sign up for the free 6 Day course, simply go to This will take you straight to the sign up page. You can also go to our homepage at Scrol...

0 replies - Last post by Jake - September 1, 2008

Why haven't I received my 6 Day course?

There are a few reasons why, after you have signed up for the 6 Day course, that you haven't received it! It may have been spam-blocked! Please make sure that you have not spam-blocked the email address "[email protected]" This is the...

0 replies - Last post by Jake - September 1, 2008

Why can't I access the 6 Day course?

Usually the only reason that you will not be able to access the 6 Day course is if the server is down. However, if the server is down then it would be highly unlikely that you would be reading this page! If you think that this is not the reason then plea...

0 replies - Last post by Jake - September 1, 2008

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