A Confusing "Moment"


Paul/anyone, I have a question on when to use, Augenblick or moment. For instance could I say, "in diesem Moment" as well as "in diesem Augenblick"? Or "in eine Augenblick" as well as "in ein Moment"? I have asked in the past "haben Sie ein Moment". Could I have also asked "haben Sie einen Augenblick"? I hear a lot of songs use "Augenblick" versus "Moment". Is there a time to use one or the other? Danke.


Hello Jason, Instead of “In diesem Moment” we usually say “momentan”. “In diesem Augenblick” and “In diesem Moment” are both correct. “In einem Augenblick “ and “In einem Moment” would be the correct form. Example for the usage of ” Augenblick “ would be. “In einem Augenblick sagt sie das im nächsten Augenblick tut sie das Gegenteil.” Gruß Paul


Hi Paul, I made you some notes for you as I would like to include this in my lesson notes. 1) fixed above - thank you Paul 2) fixed above - thank you Paul 3) Should there be any punctuation in the phrase? In einem Augenblick sagt sie das im nächsten Augenblick tut sie das Gegenteil. 4) If you don't mind adding the English translation (if I got it right) Literal: In one moment she says this, the next moment she does the opposite. Fluent: One moment she says one thing, the next she does another. 5) Is it okay to say, "Haben Sie einen Augenblick?" or is there a better phrase? 6) Should we say, "bitte"? Reference: Einen Augenblick, ich verbinde. One moment, I'll connect you. 23.5 Office Communication http://members.rocketlanguages.com/lessons/1585 Thanks, Jason p.s. I think Paul means "precise" rather than "precious" below.


Hi Jason, 5) "Haben Sie einen Augenblick?" is literally "Do you have a moment?". That might be okay in English and in spoken German. In general we like to be more precious in German. "Do you have a moment?" raises the question: "A moment of what?" You rather say "Haben Sie einen Augenblick Zeit?" 6) You don't need to say "bitte" in this example? Paul

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