Forum Rocket German Conversation in German A useful tequnique for learing to speak German naturally.

A useful tequnique for learing to speak German naturally.


I came a across a useful video on the technique of chunking for learning German.
This is learning small snippets or phrases rather than just vocabulary or whole sentences.
German with Anja is releasing  3 videos on the technique, the first two are available so far. Here is the first:

It seems to me that the Rocket German course is a good source of the chunks. Levels 2 and 3 of Rocket German do present you with quite a few long sentences and I never found learning these whole sentences particularly useful, but breaking them down into useful chunks looks like a good idea.


Thank you for the post.  I have used her videos in the past, and she is wonderful in teaching; a bit quirky, but I love her videos.  I think I am going to order the book that Lucas wrote because it makes sense.  The German that I have retained the most (from any of the courses I subscribe to) is the German that have been broken into chunks.  Thanks for the post.


I also like GermanwithJenny.  She picks common phrases and expressions and uses them repeatedly in a number of examples.


Yes, German with Jenny is one of my favourites too.

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