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Danke vs danke schon


Is it correct understood that they mean the same, but “danke schon” is slightly higher when it comes to express that you are thanking someone?


Yes, the mean much the same,  a bit like the difference between thanks and thank you. Dankeschön or vielen dank would be a bit stronger than danke on its own.


Hallo RexV und sfpugh!

Indeed, you're both on the right track: danke schön is a stronger way of saying "thank you" than danke. You  can think of danke as being more like "thanks / thank you" and danke schön as more like "thank you very much" in English, while vielen Dank is closer to the English "many thanks" (although it can be translated as a more formal "thank you very much" as well). 

Note that the phrase danke schön is written as two words with an umlaut over the o, while the noun Dankeschön is written as one word and capitalized. Also, since the Dank in vielen Dank is a noun, it needs to be capitalized too.



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