Die / Sie in a conversation.

Carlos Cardenas

Carlos Cardenas

Hello everyone,

I was checking the leson 5.3 (Module 1 ) - Retail therapy. Minute 23:00.

The conversation is about “eine Bluse” ,  a blouse, and there is no bluses left in the sizes that our protagonist (Lena) was looking for.

At some point she says: “Vielleicht nehme ich die fuer mich¨!"

Translation would be : Maybe I (will) take it for me.


*My question here would be,  why are we using “die” for referring to “eine Bluse” instead of “sie”.   


Thanks in advance !






Guten Tag Carlos Cardenas!


When you look at the literal translation for “Vielleicht nehme ich die für mich¨!" -

“Maybe take I the (one) for me!”, die in this sentence is there to emphasise that Lena is talking about that specific blouse the salesman is showing her.

It is also a direct correlation ("diese - “this (one)”) to the salesman's earlier sentence “Wir haben diese leider nur noch in Größe sechsunddreißig.” - “Unfortunately, we only have this (one) (fem.) left in size 36." 


This being said, it would also be correct to say “Vielleicht nehme ich sie für mich¨!" - “Maybe I (will) take it for me.” - it just doesn't show so much emphasis on that specific blouse they are talking about compared to using die.


I hope this helps!


Viele Grüße,



Carlos Cardenas

Carlos Cardenas

Guten Tag Julia!


Wow, this really helps! I repeated the audio, and it matches entirely with your explanation. I appreciate your time and your support.


  • By the way, I thought that at some point it was a mistake, but now it makes a lot more of sense.


Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe.


Carlos C.



Kein Problem! 

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