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easy german reading material?


I wonder if anyone has suggestions for easy german reading material? Amongst children's books, I have Grimms Fairy tales (the site alaso has them in English):
which I prefer to:
And for newspapers I found about the easiest was Das Bild:


Try André Klein




Thank you for the suggestion, the Andre Klien books are also available on UK Amazon (where I am). They look well worth having a go with.

I have a book called "Die Hutte" which is written in simple language but still a bit hard for me. It is a translation of an american book called "The Shack" by William Paul young. I found the german version, but I have thought about getting the english version to read in parallel.


Hi there,

Instead of having to buy two books there are books available in both languages displaying the English translation. They are called bilingual books. I remember reading them when learning English.  I have found this website: 

If your German is advanced you can also get books that have translations of complicated terms and technical vocabulary displayed at the bottom of each page. I can't remember the brand. If anyone knows please share it here.

Hope it helps!



Thank you for the recommendation Paul, I hadn't realised that there were double language books available for English/German.
Although I have come across a parallel German English Bible:

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