Finding umlauts on a PC keyboard


i posted this in one of the sections under Grammer in answer to a question there. I am adding it here also for those who might not see it elsewhere I don't know about Mac's as mine is a PC but here is what I can do to Access umlauts on the Keyboard.. Maybe it will help. Go to control panel and in upper right corner, search for "language" Go to left and and you will see an option for languages; click on that and it will bring up "add a language. If you click on that, it will bring up a window with a multitude of languages. Pick German (or what ever language you want) and then save it. Then go to bottom of your screen to the task bar. On the right side you will see a small square with "EN". click on that and pick option of "DE". To then find them on the keyboard as follows" ß essett is the dash key next to the number 0 key ü is the bracket Symbol next to the letter P ö is the letter to the right of the letter L, and ä is a Quote Symbol to the left of the enter key Be Aware that whle in the German mode, the letters Z and y are reversed. Hope that helps.


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it helped me so much danke!


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Hey try this one for windows Guaranteed to work and faster. Use your right hand number pad on your keyboard. For the following using ALT and the numbers listed below. I posted mine at the bottom of my computer screen until I memorized them. Alt 142 Ä 132 ä 153 Ö 148 ö 154 Ü 129 ü Alt + 225 ß Alt +€ Euro Sign


I like to keep my English keyboard arrangement, and I used to do the alt-keys like Tommy, but now I found the best method when switching between languages and I have little need for memorization. The accents are intuitive. On both the Mac and PC, you can add and use the "U.S. International" keyboard. With that keyboard you will have certain dead keys. Why dead? Because when you type any of the accent characters, they will require something else to display... ` can be typed before a and it will create à ' can be typed before a and it will make á " + o = ö to type " alone you type " and hit space. the ß is created on the mac with the option key and the s key together Here's a little guide:

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