Geht's dir gut?


I understand the greeting "Geht's dir gut?" as the singular "you", informal.

Can someone help me to understand the same greeting but using the formal "you", in both singular and plural?  Are they both "Geht's Ihnen gut?" ?

Danke fur Ihre Hilfe



Since no tutor has replied ... The polite form of "Geht's dir gut?" would be "Geht es Ihnen gut?". The plural is exactly the same.
You don't use the contraction "geht's" when being polite.



Vielen Dank!!

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi all,

Nice explanation, sfpugh.

Alongside Geht's dir gut/Geht es Ihnen gut?, there are also Wie geht's dir? and Wie geht es Ihnen?, How are you?.



Thanks for the information. I am just starting German language.


danke.  Ich bin Hugo aus Guatemala.

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