German comprehension practice


I have found it hard to find German practice material that is not too difficult and not too easy. I find that news and films are too difficult to get much benefit.
The Learn German channel:
has a series of simple stories read out with the text pitched at the A2 B1 level. 
Search Youtube for "Deutsch mit Geschichten A2-B1" and you will find quite a few.

There is also a series pitched at A1-A2, search for "Deutsch mit Geschichten A1-A2"


Thank you for your very helpful tips above.  Just what I was looking for.


Danke. I will be using this tool as well.


Children's books in German are usually dentified by age.  When I first learned the language in the 70s, they were very helpful. I'm sure they are available somewhere on the web.


Thank you Sfpugh. That´s what I need to learn more German Language.

Danke Schönn

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