German practice.



Hallo . 

Wie soll ich Deutsch üben? For e.g , I could only frame the sentence till 'Wie soll Ich Deutsch 'and then I took the help of Google Translation . 
Any ideas on how should I practice on my own , along with Rocket Language's teaching of words , sentences etc. 
As each lesson goes, I try to frame my own sentences with the taught vocabulary , but need some body to say  'Es ist richtig oder falsch '. 

Vielen Dank. !



Hi Vidya-manuS,

there are many ways how to learn a new language. A combination of lots of different learning tools and strategies probably works best but everyone learns differently. 
It's great that you write down your own sentences using new vocabulary! You can try to google your own sentences to see if it comes up with something using quotation marks, such as "Wie soll ich Deutsch üben". If you have a particular question about a sentence, you can ask a question here in the forum and someone will help you. 
Other things you could do are reading German literature (start with children's books), watch movies in German and turn on the subtitles, listen to German radio stations or watch and read the news in German (e.g. The more you engage in the language the more comfortable and confident you will feel using it!

Hope this helps!


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