german sentence structure


I don't know how the sentence structure and because of this I find it hard speaking as i'll always think people won't understand me


What language are you trying to learn?

For English, you would write:

"I don't know how to structure my sentences. Because of this, I find it hard to speak as I always think people won't understand me."

I can assure you, no matter how you write English, we will understand you. I think it's a required course and if you get used to Google Translate for about 10 years (yes, it has been around almost that long), you will just start to not care how to put together a phrase. Everything is an SMS without punctuation and it's perfectly normal. Quite funny really.

Furthermore, if you have seen some of the text games I have posted, it's not really important that you spell right either. Our brains are just funny super computers that can read whatever crazy stuff you throw at them.

Try this one:

David K

Just keep reading and practicing as many German sentences as you can. And subconsciously you will start to pick up the patterns. First thing every morning, I view 200 sample sentences in German Pod  101.  You can get free sentences by going in their "free word of the day link." Each word has about 2 to 3 sentence examples. I finally bought the program but being on a tight budget I discovered once one is in the free word of the day section, if you use the calender to go backwards you can see the word of the day for the last 10 years and they come up really fast.

I've only been on this Rocket German program for 2 weeks but it is also excellent in this way of teaching German in sentences rather than word lists and grammer rules.  So for the last two weeks I review every single sentence they have in the blue recording boxes for Premium and have now just tonight started into Premium Plus eamples.  
After starting my day with 500 or so German sentences at like 2 to 4 seconds each, I go back and study the lessons in the normal way. For the first time ever sentences are starting to make sense to me.  I also listen to German internet radio RBB 87 Wittstock News for the hour I;m falling asleep or when I'm swimming.  At first I couldn't even recognize words becauuse they talk so fast. BUt after six months its starting to make sense

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