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German Translation


I'm writing a book, and several of the characters in it are German.  Some of them can't speak English, so I'm writing German dialog for them.  My German vocabulary is definitely not up to translating all that the characters say, so I was wondering if anybody could help me  translate it, or give me any suggestions as to where I could get it translated.   Any help is appreciated; thanks!


You will need to consider where in Germany the characters are from and how exactly they speak German. There is quite a range of 'German' just as there is English and most other languages. I would suggest that you probably need to find a native speaker if you really want authenticity.


I would second Fred's suggestion.


Cheers Byron. I'm currently in the Fatherland adding my two cents worth to international misunderstanding!


Ok, thank you.  I'll sniff around and see who I can find. 

David K

Hi Max.  If you "google' German translation you will discover about a dozen free German Engish, English German tranlation programs that some companies put out as loss leaders for their professional services.  Google has one also but it is not as good.
These will give you quiick outlines but need to be edited for common sense. It a quick start at least.

I was going to use one to make a note in german here if I find any threads in German.

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