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Hallo zusammen


I have been feeling quite demotivated and beginning to feel that I was really getting nowhere. This week I had Kaffee und Kuchen with an Austrian friend. I decided to be brave and speak German. I was hesitant at first, but was pleasantly surprised that I could understand her and I could converse. Not on a sophisticated level, but I honestly thought I would get really stuck and not be able to say more than “How are you?” Did me the world of good to realize that there has been improvement.

And what's more it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, so am going to sign up for conversational practise.

Auf Wiedersehen




Hallo Sebongela,


How great that you could speak to your Austrian friend in German! You must be very proud of yourself and the work you have put into your German study. I believe it can be quite normal to feel like you're making no progress when in fact your brain is making lots of connections behind the scenes, especially when you are past the very beginner's level. But when you really start to use what you've learnt, like speaking to your friend in German, you can see all the progress that you've made.


Weiter so :)




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