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Letter writing


Hello i need help on how to write a friendly letter in German. Veelen Dank!


I guess that would depend on what you want to write. How about writing it out here in English and we can work together on it? I think that would be fun!


hey bikeophile thanks for the feedback. it goes something like this. a friendly letter to a friend. Dear Mary, Its been long since we spoke how are you and your family? I hope they are all well Iam doing fine too. I started studying german and im learning bit by bit hopefully il be perfect when am done with the course. Lastly is to invite you to my birthday party on the 12th of next month from 6pm onwards. see you soon! yours, Nancy


Try this, Liebe Mary, Es ist schon lange seit wir gesprochen haben. Wie geht es dir, und deine Familie auch. Hoffenlich alles ist in Ordnumg. Ich studiere Jetzt Deutsch und lernt aber etwas langsam. Hoffentlich es wird Perfekt wann ich Fertig bin. Endlich, wünsche ich dir eine Entladung zu meine Geburtstagfeier am zwolfte nächste Monate von Sech Uhr an. Bis Bald. Nancy Pardon my mistakes but I think it is Close. maybe someone else can correct my mistakes.


Looks pretty good to me except for some capitalization. I don't think words like jetzt, fertig, and perfekt are capitalized as they aren't nouns but predicate adjectives or adverbs. I think you meant to say "Einladung" instead of "Entladung". I was told once, or perhaps read it many years ago, that "studerien" applies to a university level of study. Don't know if that is still true. Need Paul's help on that.


Byron, Thanks for the input. I realize the errors now; should have been a little more careful. You are correct in all aspects. Certainly takes time to learn all the ins and outs of a language, especially the idioms.


Thanks Marvin and Byron atleast now I can try amd write a short friendly letter I'll keep practising and hope by the time I take my A1 exam next month il be fine. has anyone here done that exam at goethe? how is it like? am a bit worried :(

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