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I'm almost done with Module 4, and you have updated the Language lessons.  Are the new language lessons so different that I need to redo all of them before I take the Certification?
I began the Module a little while ago, so I'm not sure if it is very different.  Yes, I can look at it, and judge, but I thought I would ask, too.


Hallo KathleenK6!


Thank you for your question!

We have had a couple of rather recent updates to our Rocket German Level 1 course: the Language & Culture lessons were redone about a year ago, and the Interactive Audio Course lessons were redone about a month ago. I'll clarify what sort of changes were made for each.


For the Language & Culture lessons, the content was rewritten with new example sentences, vocabulary, and concepts, and so it would indeed be best to re-do those lessons before attempting the Module Certification.

For the Interactive Audio Course lessons, the audio explanations were also rewritten and many new phrases and examples were introduced. Most of the conversations in Module 4 are close to those in the old version of the course, so you could attempt to challenge the Module Certification test; however, there will be some new words and phrases that you won't have seen before. 

I hope that this is helpful! Do let me know if you still have any questions.




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