Phonetik problem (Ich)


Hello Mr.Paul and Hello everybody, I still have a problem with this pronoun pronounciation (Ich). Sometimes I here it differently in different sentences,e.g: Ich liebe dich Ich habe dich lieb I hope you can help me Mr.Paul. Thank you.


I'll leave it to Paul to help you, but just want to comment that you are not alone with that. The pronunciation of this simple little word is difficult for English speakers to make the "ch" sound in the back of the throat. Then too, it is pronounced differently depending on the region, sometimes sounding more like a hard "k" and sometimes more like a softer "sh". I expect there isn't much we can do about it except listen and practice, practice, practice.


Thanks alot for the advice, I appreciate your comment. By the way, the website that you have recommended - German is easy - was very helpful especially the word of the day as you mentioned. Thanks again and Good luck


Hi there, The pronounciation of "Ich" in "Ich liebe dich" and "Ich habe dich lieb" is the same. The word "ich" might sound slightly different depending on the region. I understand that the proper way of the standard German is difficult to pronouns but you will still be understood even if you do sound differently. In order to get tips on how to pronounce the words, I recommend that you have a look at You can practice the pronunciation of all the consonants and vowels in the German alphabet. I hope I could help! Gruß Paul


Yes, this is helpful. I do not know why I did not notice that section before. Thank you for your time and effort.


Yes is quite challenging!It took me quite a few times to get it right!

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