Pronounciation questions of 1.9



Hi there,

I feel that the recording is not sensitive enough.


Some questions

How to pronounce

  1. ern in wandern
  2. eln in segeln
  3. difference between siegel and segeln

Thanks in advance



Guten Tag WeizuoT!


Thank you for your question! Let's dive right in!


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If you break this word into syllables you get “wan - dern”. The second part of the word sounds like the masculine definite article “der” - “the” with an N added at the end. The N in German is very similar to the English "N" as in “neck” for example. 

Another word you could use for practice would be:

[rocket-record phraseId="166126"]


[rocket-record phraseId="30169"]

Here you can think of the ELN as a fast EL followed by the N which almost sounds like it's separated from the word when spoken slowly. 

A couple of words to practice are:

[rocket-record phraseId="63716"]
[rocket-record phraseId="180831"]


Siegel and segeln

Do you maybe mean the word “segel-” (the stem of segeln)? The only difference here would be the N which is similar to the examples above. The difference between German IE and E is that E is more of an “ay” sound whereas IE has a higher pitch and sounds more like "ee" in "bee".


I hope this clears things up for you!


Viele Grüße,



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