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Pronounciation questions of words in 1.6



What is the differences between

1.pfanne fahne

2.Fluss floss

3.Schule Schuler

4.Stehen stelen


How to pronounce

eln in lispeln


Please help me thanks!



Guten Tag WeizuoT!


Let's have a look at your words!


Pfanne / Fahne
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Pronouncing the PF sound in German can sometimes be a bit tricky for English speakers as English doesn't really have a similar sound. You can try to pronounce P and F separately to start with and then move them closer together until you have the fast PF sound. 

The H in “Fahne” is silent which signals the presence of a long vowel ("A" in this case). The two consonants NN in “Pfanne” however, mean that the vowel is short.

You can use these words for practice:

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[rocket-record phraseId="63503"]
[rocket-record phraseId="140808"]


Fluss / floss
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Here the only difference is the vowels U and O. You can think of U as "oo" in "foot" and “o” in "got". These vowels are followed by two consonants which means you use the short pronunciation. 

Here are two additional words to practice the short vowel sounds:

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Schule / Schüler

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Here the most prominent difference is the umlaut Ü which sounds a bit like “uh” in English. The U in Schule however, sounds more like "oo" in "moon" with your lips being a bit more tense compared to the English sound. It’s very similar to pursing your lips when whistling or blowing out a candle. 


stehen / stehlen
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These two words are pronounced almost exactly the same except we have an L in “stehlen”. The H is silent in both words so you can think of them as "ste - en" and “ste - len”.  (Note that the E is a long vowel here)

A similar word to practice is:

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[rocket-record phraseId="140774"]

Here you can think of the ELN as a fast EL followed by the N which almost sounds like it's separated from the word when spoken slowly. 

A couple of words to practice are:

[rocket-record phraseId="63716"]
[rocket-record phraseId="180831"]


I hope this helps.


Viele Grüße,



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