Forum Rocket German Conversation in German Why is the PDF in the interactive audio lession "All Reviews" and "All conversations" emtpy?

Why is the PDF in the interactive audio lession "All Reviews" and "All conversations" emtpy?


Hello RocketGerman Support,

Why is the pdf available as part of the interactive audio lesson " All Reviews" and "All conversations" empty. It would be great and helpful to have all reviews and conversations compiled into a single PDF for a quick reference.

Could someone support on this please ?



Hi Karthik,

Sorry for the delay. Looks like your post wasn't discovered in the language conversation section. I have forwarded your question to the Technical support so you should have a response as soon as possible. 



marieg-rocket languages

Hi Karthik,

We apologize for the delay in replying as well as for any inconvenience or confusion caused. The content from All Conversations and All Reviews are not supposed to have PDF formats; you can download or print them individually. The PDF icons in those sections have removed to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Once again, our apologies for the confusion and we thank you for letting us about it.

Kind Regards!

David K

Hi Marie, 

I just noticed this this afternoon myself and agree with Karthik that having the complete PDF transcript of all conversations would be highly useful.

As you point out, all the thousands of students can individually cut and paste each conversation into a larger file but this would be egregiously inefficient, and not very customer friendly.  Using that same line of thinking someone might suggest that the individual chapter translation PDF be taken out as well because the students are free to type the conversations into google translate and then cut and paste them from there.  Perhaps, we should just all get a Worterbook and grammerbook?  Sorry to be rhetorical.  This is the first and only time I've seen your excellent customer support efforts and orientation go in the wrong direction.

I've been impressed with how rapidly you all have responded to all of my customer feedback and would hope you will reconsider this obviously very helpful suggestion. 


marieg-rocket languages

Hi David, 

Thanks for your feedback on Rocket German. We appreciate the suggestions and have passed your comments on to our Language Development team for their consideration.

Please also keep in mind that there are PDF files available to download if you go to each lesson individually in case you would like to review the transcript without an Internet connection; there was a glitch on the system that showed a "Conversation Transcript" heading in the "All Conversations" and "All reviews" lesson, but they were not meant to be there, and that was why the glitch was corrected later. 


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