Forum I can't access My Benchmark (German)

I can't access My Benchmark (German)


I think that moving My Benchmark to its own section was good, but I can't access it now. I just get the header page with a few lines of explanation, but nothing else, no histogram bars or any way of using the activity.

There are also a few other minor glitches.
I can't edit Custom flashcards as the save fails. I haven't tried creating a new set but I suspect that that will fail for the same reason.

The system doesn't detect when a new review has been read so the little red symbol showing the number of unread reviews doesn't update.

The display of badge icons next to user names is inconsistent in the forums. Some appear to work and others just get the little blue thumbs up symbol. I also get a the thumbs up symbol when I click on My Account. I also lost my profile picture.

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Hi sfpugh, 

Thank you for your feedback; I have reported the issue to our tech support team so they can review what the problem could be and fix it. 

Kind Regards! 


It all seems to be working again now, thanks
I noticed that before, I could access the level 1 German benchmark although I only have levels 2 and 3. Now I can only access levels 2 and 3. I suppose that was deliberate although it was interesting  to see how I got on with level 1 after doing the Rosetta beginners course.

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