Forum write it tests not working (german)

write it tests not working (german)


There seems to be a problem with write it tests today. I can get two or three items into the test and the the talk button becomes unresponsive so that I can't know what to write. 
I first noticed it doing the write it section of the final certification test for module 20, but it seems to be a general problem with write it tests.
I have tried restating Chrome, I am using Windows 7.

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Hi sfpugh, 

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, there is a known issue with Write It right now; our IT Team has already been notified and they're currently working on a solution to it. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. 


There is also a similar problem with the write it (native) section in the Japanese course. All of these tests have been disabled.


This problem seemed to have been fixed on the Italian course, but last night and this morning there is an issue with both the Hear it, say it and the Write it tests on Italian lesson 6.5 - food & drink. The first few are fine and you can hear the audio, but then nothing so I am unable to complete this lesson.  I have closed Rocket down and re-entered twice and have completed the tests on another lesson without any issue.

Further to this, sections of the audio are not playing in Italian lesson 6.6, in the body of the lesson, not just in the tests, so one cannot hear the correct pronunciation.


Hi all - Sorry for the delay in updating this. All of these issues should be sorted now. Please let me know if that is not the case.

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