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Forum Flashcards not responding to spacebar. (German)

Flashcards not responding to spacebar. (German)


Until now it was possible to flip a flashcard by pressing the space bar. Today I find the only way to flip a flashcard is with a mouse click on "flip" or in the card.

This is super annoying as I have been used to leaving the cursor over the rate it buttons and using the space bar to flip. This cuts down on the mouse moving and clicking required to use the flash cards.


On further investigation, the problem seems to be confined to custom sets. The space bar does work on flashcards in the testing sections.

marieg-rocket languages

Thank you for the feedback sfpugh, we have reported the issue and hope it'll be fixed soon. 

Kind Regards!

marieg-rocket languages

Hi sfpugh, 

Just doing a follow up on this; the custom set should be fixed now. 

Kind Regards


Thanks yes, it seems to be working fine now although strangely after a reset, the first card still requires the mouse. Not a problem though.

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