1.5 German Alphabet Examples



The audio clip for this example sounds like "Wie spät it ist es." 
Unsure of the spelling and meaning.

1.5 The German Alphabet
Action Replay Examples
Wie spät ist es?


I don't understand the question.

The link you provided gives the spelling, phonetic spelling and meaning  of the phrase.
Wie spät ist es? [vee shpayt ist es]
What time is it? (lit. "How late is it?")
And you can listen to the pronunciation by clicking the blue button.


Hello sfpugh,

Thanks for responding despite my post being unclear. The literal translation is helpful.

I hear a different audio clip than the written german sentence.
I hear 5 syllables when I expect to hear 4.


Hallo Tyler und sfpugh!

I've taken a careful listen to the clip and can confirm that there are indeed just four syllables in this phrase. I think you may be hearing the speaker aspirate a bit after he says the T in spät, Tyler, and this is causing the confusion. This aspiration is audible because he is speaking slowly and trying to enunciate as much as possible. Here are two other recordings of the same phrase where he's going a bit more quickly, and the aspiration is less pronounced:

[rocket-record phraseId="41365"]
[rocket-record phraseId="71453"]

I hope that this helps to clear things up!

Just to note: the link you've provided is to a lesson from an older version of the course, which has been archived. We'd recommend that you use the newer, live version of the course instead, as it has been updated with improved content. The new version of this lesson can be found here: https://members.rocketlanguages.com/members/german/lessons/4659/1-5-alphabet-and-pronunciation.

Viel Spaß!




Thank you for providing two other examples of the same sentence.
I'm able to follow along with these and understand the pronunciation.

I must have navigated to the older course version using the search function.
You've showed me that lessons like "2.3 At the Airport" feature the same sentence, so I'll stay on the newest version where possible.


Bitte, Tyler! :)

And thanks for letting us know that you found the older lesson via the search function - I'll pass this on to our technical team so that we can make sure those older lessons no longer show up in the search and cause confusion.



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