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18.1 Ich hätte gerne 2 normale und 2 Mohn-Brötchen



from 18.1
Ich hätte gerne 2 normale und 2 Mohn-Brötchen
I would like to have two plain and two poppy seed bread buns
Ich hätte gerne 2 normale und zwei MohnBrötchen

I seems to be impossible to score 100% on this sentence from 18.1. The second "2" shows up as zwei and is shown as an error.
And yet in the next section 18.2 Extra Vocab it is interpreted correctly with absolutely not trouble at all.


Hallo sfpugh, 

Thanks for pointing this out. 

I'll forward it to the Product Development team immediately. 

Leah von Rocket German


Thank you. There is also a general problem where "---" is used in a phrase. It is not every case but frequently the dashes appear to be treated as something you have say rather than being ignored as white space. The result is that you can never get 100% on these phrases.

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