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A couple of suggestions if the German course is being reviewed


17. 3 Max & Moriz
There is a series of quotes from the forward of Max & Moritz

The German is quite difficult and I am not sure that the translations are that good. Then there is a second translation in brackets which only adds to the confusion and seems to come from here:

I am not sure of the value of these but if they are included, it might be better to quote the rhymes in the culture section. Hopefully something more useful could be found for the Extra Vocab section of 17.3

Then there are the tongue twisters in 17.6, I really don't see the value of these, couldn't something better be found instead.


Hallo sfpugh, 

Thank you for sharing your opinion on Rocket German Level 3. 
In lesson 17.3 we included the tale of Max&Moritz because it is a vital part of German literature and culture. The tale was written in the 19th century, hence the German sounds a little bit different and old-fashioned. We've chosen English translations that are rather modern and easy to understand, while still including equally old-fashioned English translations in brackets to convey the tone of the original. 

In fact, the tongue twisters in 17.6 are also part of German culture. German children learn these at school and everyone in Germany knows a few tongue twisters. Look at it that way - knowing the tongue twisters can help you connect to German people. Also, they are quite good to practice your pronunciation. 

I hope I was able to help out. 

Liebe Grüße, 
Leah von Rocket Languages


Fair points, but the thing is that they appear in  parts of the course which are tested so we are expected to learn them. If they were moved to somewhere where they were not tested, the space they occupy now could be used more productively.


Hallo sfpugh, 

I see your point. I will forward this to our Product Development team to consider when reviewing the course. 

Thanks und frohe Weihnachten!
Leah von Rocket Languages

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