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Could someone send me a list of the badges and colours on the Leaderboard according to rank from lowest to highest?

What are the criteria for advancing to a higher badge or colour, and on what basis does one receive a star added to his/her badge?


On this page there is a question "How do the badges work?" that does some explaining.

I guess each rank is associated with a different profile picture which isn't displayed on the help page.
I'm not sure what the different number of stars next to the Star Master ranks indicate.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi PaulS108 and Tyler, thank you for your comments! 

As Tyler mentioned, the details on the points and badges are on the Help page under "How do the badges work?" and How do I earn points?"

In regards to the leaderboard, the star you see next to the Badge name is simply the level, two users can have the same badge but one, two or three stars, it simply indicates their raking is higher; generally speaking, a star is earned every 2,500 points.

Kind Regards!

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