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Guten Abend - 1st day learning German and so far, so good. Quick question on the courses: Is it recommended to move among the interactive, language, and survival sections? I'm working through the interactive courses in order but supplementing them with the language and survival sections seem like a good idea. Any thoughts?
Thanks so much in advance!


Hallo MeganS35,

welcome to Rocket German! Yes, the interactive audio lessons and language & culture lessons are all in order (There is an overview when you click on Level 1 Dashboard). You can then supplement them with the survival kit lessons.

I hope this helps.

Viele Grüße


Hallo megn8r,

Just to chime in on what Julia has said: the course is set up so that you can follow the lesson numbering and work your way through the different types of sections as you go, but you can also switch between sections as you describe and find a learning strategy that works best for you.

Some of our users have said that they prefer to alternate between Interactive Audio lessons and Language & Culture lessons, while others prefer to do the Language & Culture lessons first and then follow them up with that module's Interactive Audio lessons. Some users also like to try to tackle the Survival Kit lessons all at once, while others do them bit by bit as they go through the course. There is a lot of flexibility! You can even pick and choose lessons according to what topic you would like to cover. My recommendation would just be to keep in mind that the course does build in difficulty as you go through it, so the later Interactive Audio and Language & Culture lessons will deal with more complicated topics.

Viel Spaß!


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