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Hallo Leute

I have a question about the Survival phrases. Is there any reason why Rocket doesn't categorize the lists in Der Die or das. That way I could concentrate on one section at a time. By the time I have done all of them, I am once again wondering which is which. For me personally it would be easier if in categories. Any thoughts




Hallo Sebongela,


The lists usually start with general terms and are then narrowed down to more specific terms. Words that have a connection are also listed together. If you’re struggling with articles, which is totally normal by the way, try to look at how the word ends. There are quite a few noun endings which are likely to indicate the gender, such as words ending with -e or -keit are often feminine, words that ends with -chen or -um are usually neuter and words ending with -ant or -ich are often masculine. If you haven’t come across this, let me know if you would like more examples. 


Hope this helps!


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