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Double up of sentences in Lesson 18.2 Im Supermarkt



Wie geht's!

I'm up to Lesson 18.2, Im Supermarkt of the German course and have noticed that one of the sentences is doubled up.

“Genau, dann kann ich ausschlafen und habe noch immer gunug Zeit, alles vorzubereiten”.

I'm guessing this is an oversight?





You are right! I think what has happened is that they have added more phrases to Extra Vocab and an existing phrase got slipped in.

I can see the extra phrase because I did these lessons a while ago and the extra phrases do not have a scores next to them.



Hallo Suzanne-R und sfpugh,


Thank you very much for pointing this out! I will pass this on to be sorted. 



Viele Grüße,



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