Du ließt - Lies! what is this?


In 20.7 on commands this appears:
Du ließt

The only thing I can find for  ließt  ihr  ließt, the imperfect of lassen.
What is the intention here, it seems all wrong?

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi sfpugh,

There is actually a typo in the sentence, as it should be "du liest", you read. I've gone ahead and fixed it in the lesson. Thank you for pointing that out!

It could also be "du ließt" meaning "you left", but that example belongs to verbs changing from "e" to "ie", so it can only be "lesen". The imperative for "lassen" is "lass".



Ok thanks for fixing it. There do seem to be a few typos in level 3.

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