For Johanna's Family



Hallo, My name is Tamera and I was actually born in Germany, a GI brat, father was in the US Army. We left when I was 18 months old so I don't remember anything about it. I currently live in Alaska where I am a registered nurse and own a bed and breakfast/lodge. Four years ago my husband and I hosted a young lady from Germany as a foreign exchange student for a year. Her name is Johanna and we grew to love her as one of our own. Our children had grown up and left home and it was wonderful having Johanna here with us. I have always wanted to return to Germany to see where "I started" and I am finally going to be able to do that in December. Johanna's parents and grandparents do not speak english and I thought it would be a respectable thing to do if I could learn some German before I went to see them. She lives in Cologne and I am very excited to be able to meet her family and see her again. (Although I am dreading the long trip and time difference from Alaska!) I know I will not be very proficient in 3 months but I hope to be able to understand a few words and say a few polite responses at the very least. I have only been working on the courses for 4 days but am already quite excited about the courses. I like the format and think they are well designed. Being a nurse, I like attention to details! Well, nice to be here. If you are ever in Alaska let me know!

Hi Tamera, how was your trip to Germany? It must have been lovely to see Johanna again? How did you get on with your German?

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