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German Rocket Certification not working properly



Is anyone else experiencing problems with the Rocket German Rocket Certifications? Modules 7 and 9 do not work properly. They don't automatically advance from the "Hear it say it" to the "write it". I can refresh the page and start the test where it left off (e.g. "write it"), but then it does the same thing at "know it". I can continue like this for the remaining parts but after  the last one it just hangs there and never completes the test.

I have tried it with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. All behave the same way.


I had (have) that problem as well.  What the web page does not clearly indicate is that you don't actually get a certificate after each module.  The web page is worded so you believe EXACTLY as though you would get a certificate after each module.  When I contacted Tech Support I was told that you get a certificate after completing Module 4 and then 78.  I am only halfway to Module 4 now.  It is a good idea because you need an 80% BUT THEY DON'T CLEARLY COMMUNICATE THIS.



Correction - I meant to say module 4 and 7.  Not 78.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Our apologies for the delay in getting this issue fixed, where the sections would not show automatically; however, our IT Team has fixed this and you should be able to take the Certification and complete it with no problem. 

Kind Regards!

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