Grammar with audio

Hey there, so many of you have asked whether we can add audio to the grammar lesons. Here we are: We will now send out our updated audio grammar lessons once a week. Enjoy and don't forget to check your inbox :D


Hi Natalie, I just registered to the forum today (although I bought the courses and became a member of rocket languages a while time ago) and I saw your message regarding the grammar with audio. I think that would be really helpful. Any idea when I can start to receive my audio grammar lessons? And if you have already sent a few of them (since 22th of April), can you please keep me up to date with the others and forward to me the lessons you have sent up to now? Thank you Elona

Hi there, you should have received these lessons automatically as a member. Please check your junk folder to see if they ended up in there. Here is a link to the lessons that have been send out since April: There are numbered links at the very bottom of the lesson that take you to the previous lesson . Enjoy!


Hi there, thanks for the reply. I keep checking my junk folder, but still can't find these e-mails. The only e-mails I have received up to now are newsletters regarding to audio lessons. Please see the last link I received recently. But nothing related to grammar audio.Right now I can check only the first 3 audio grammar lessons for which you sent me the link. Thank you Elona

Hi again, could you please use the contact form on our website to email our customer support team directly (that way you don't have to post your email address on the fourm) so that they can have a look into it and sort it out for you. Thank you :D

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