Guten Abend!



Guten Abend! Mein name ist Paulina and I just joined Rocket German. I tried the 6-day course and I decided to purchase the whole package and give it a trial. Am married to a German guy for 3 years now and we a have a little boy of 18 months old. My husband was offered a job in Germany last year and so we had to move all here with him. Unfortunately, the area where we came to live is not a touristic one and people don't speak at all English which makes it very hard for me. I can't talk with anybody around as I don't know any German at all. With my husband it was not so possible to learn during the last years as he is talking too fast and he is not at all a good "teacher"! :( Unfortunately, I can't move around if am not accompanied by my husband. Unless if I learn German, I will never be able to do that and start a new life here. So, I decided to take some lessons at school but, while having a kid it, isn't easy at all to do that. I tried to learn alone by purchasing a book with audio but again it didn't help. So I thought to try the Rocket German as well. After all what do I have to loose since they have a guarantee. I think that this will be much easier for me since I can practise as much as I want and whenever I can. After trying the 6-day course I found out that it is really very easy to understand and learn. I will be happy to chat with you all and... therefore, Bis Bald guys! :D Paulina

Seid nicht schüchtern, ich bin mir sicher dass Paulina nicht beisst :D

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