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Help with English translation of a German Song

Wondering if you would help me with the translation of the following song. I found these German lyrics on the internet and presume that they are correct. Name of Song is: Schlosser die im Monde liegen aus der Operette Frau Luna Schlosser, die im Monde liegen, Bringen Kummer, lieber Schatz. Um im Gluck dich einzuwiegen, Hast du auf der Erde Platz! Blick doch um dich mit klaren, frohen Augen, Dann macht auch dir die Welt ein froh' Gesicht, Ei, sprich, wozu soll'n denn die Grillen Taugen? Es andert sich dafurch dein Schicksal nicht. Warum in ungewisse Fernen eilen, Es fuhrt dich in gefahr des Irrlichts Schein! Wo man dich liebt, nur da musst du verweilen, Wo man dich liebt, nur kannst Du glucklich sein. Schlosser, die im Monde...... Wenn Schnee und Eis die Erde rings bedecken, Ruht wie im Todesschlummer Wald und Flur. Doch naht der Lenz, dann wird sein Hauch erwecken Zum neuen Leben herrlich die Natur! Und will dein Herz verzweifeln und verzagen, Bau Sonnenschein folgt truben Regentagen, Drum harre aus, es wird schon alles gut. Schlosser, die im Monde...... My effort at translation from piecing this together with the help of dictionaries is: Locksmith that in the moon lies Bringing sorrow, rather than treasure Around in your good fortune you turn Have you on earth a place Yet you look around with clear and happy eyes Then you make also the world a happy face *Egg, speak, what then would the cricket be suited for? It changes itself for that is not your fate Why in unconscience hurry the distance, It brings in danger will-o'-the-wisp appearance What one you love, only here you must stay What one you love, only can you be happy When snow and ice rings cover the earth But near the springtime then breath becomes awakened To the new life gorgeous is nature And will your heart dispair and lose heart Build in the future a fresh and happy disposition The sunshine follows cloudy and rainy days Wait around, everything becomes already beautiful Only two really important matters I am trying to understand (I can make better sense in English of the above translation with the exceptions of the below noted matters) (1) In the above context is the correct meaning of Schlosser - Locksmith (Is there any other meaning for this word? I have no idea about the sense of this word in the song - who is he supposed to be? ) (2) *This sentence makes no sense to me. Could you please give me a translation of this sentence? -- aside - ich kann nicht ohne meinen cricket leben -- Immer ich errinern das. Ich will nemals vergessen das- sehr gut of you - danke!! I just like this song - is very old melodie Any help you can give me is appreciated. danke schoen!!! Donald Saw your earlier post on how to do the umlats etc. haven't figured it out yet.

Hi there, the word "Schloss" can mean both: "lock" and "castle". The plural form is "Schlösser". Here in this case the song refers to a castle. 2) Ei, sprich, wozu soll'n denn die Grillen Taugen? "Ei" generally means "egg" however here it is used as a colloquial filler word and could be translated with "hey". "Hey, tell me, what use are all the circades. "grillen" means "to fry" or if it is spelled with a capital "G" it refers to the little insects called "circade". I hope that makes more sense.

I thank you very much for your reply. Sorry to have delayed in writing you back as I seldom use my home computer and frequently fail to check my emails. Thought possibly I was asking a little much since this was about lyrics. My wife asked me just now what I was doing and I told her I found the answer to one of my old posts, which I had first assumed I would probably not get a reply to. So she asked how I would know, if I didn't check. This would be sehr lustig (funny), if it wasn't so stupid of me. Really can't thank you enough!! I asked a german friend of mine (he and his wife are from Heidelberg and were visiting their cousin) I visited them. All he said was that ei in the song was not an egg and said nothing about the cricket matter - that I know of. His name is Maik and his wife's name is Regina. She made a cake which was very good. I believe she said it was Schwartzwald kirche kocken. Ich bin sehr glucklich jetz Bis spater

Hallo, das freut mich. Let me know if you have any more questions regarding this song. And I'm sure that the Schwarzwälderkirschtorte was lovely, it has so much crean in it that it's hard to eat more than a small piece. Bis bald!

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