How love made me learn German...

Hallo Alle!! Everything started a year and a half ago. I met this guy from Germany who came as an exchange student to the University of Milwaukee, WI, and we became really close. We would only speak English to communicate, and sometimes Spanish (Spanish is my first language, and his minor in school). Two months after, he became my boyfriend, and since then things only got better, and our love stronger. After his semester abroad ended, my boyfriend had to come back to Germany, and I had to stay in the States. We would email and talk pretty much every day, but that wasn't enough. We needed to see each other, so he visited me four or five times to the States. During this time, I learned my first german words and I learned about the German culture. After this past summer we decided that me moving to Germany would make things easier for both of us. Next March ,my boyfriend and I are going to Peru, so he can meet my family and my culture. Then, I'm planning on going to Germany to meet his family and we'll be able to finally be together. Learning german is crucial at this point of time. I just started with RG two months ago, and so far, is going pretty well. At the beginning I couldnt even say "Hallo" right, but now I'm sorprised how I can put some sentences together. I'm very excited, and I can't wait to be fluent!!! :D

Hallo, alles Gute für eure gemeinsame Zukunft. Ich hoffe ihr habt eine tolle Zeit in Peru. Let us know how you get on. :D

Hallo, Nice to hear your story we have quite simmilar sircumstance. I have Been with my girlfriend now for over a year, but most of that time we have been apart. So i am trying to learn German and hope to move there in July- August. I hope your learning is going better than mine, i am having trouble to get through level 2


All the best for your big move! I hope it goes well. Please feel free to ask Nathalie and me any questions that you may have. Have fun!

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