How to make friend in this course?



I would like to have friends to practice my German.  What is the way to have friends in Rocket German.



Hi HugoM5

Not sure what level you are on I am a beginner, but I got a German pen friend. She speaks English well ( thank goodness), but she does put in German words or phrases and as I progress will hopefully write to her in German. She hopefully will correct it for me if need be. So we email each other often and I hope that sooner or later we will write in German. Even if it is only a paragraph.


I originally used a a pen friend site, but as I got to know her better we shared emails. A better writing format. It was called Global friends or something like that. You register and put in a bio. 

This is probably not ideal, as no speaking, but  maybe with time I will be able to converse with her with Skype or something.



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