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I hope to graduate soon from the University of Palermo where I'm majoring in English Literature and minoring in German. I need to complete my last 3 degree requirements which include: German Language and Literature Levels 1 and 2 and German Written Translation Level 3. Although I can read and write German a little, I am in big big trouble when it comes to understanding spoken German. Last October, for example, I spent 2 weeks at my sister's former home in l Darmstadt, Germany and although I did manage to make myself understood by the locals, I didn't understand a word that was spoken to me! I don't know if this was due to lack of practice or the use of slang, dialect, etc. In any case, I'm hoping that Rocket German will make the difference!

Hi there, how are you getting on with your studies? Any plans to go back to Germany soon?

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