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Just started using Rocket German......

And I'm really happy! I haven't listened to any of the audio tracks completely, only bits and pieces, but I plan to burn them to cd and listen on the drive to work. I like how there is a forum to ask questions in too. Thanks guys, Sean

Hi Sean, we are very happy to hear that! Enjoy the course and try out the Mega Games, they are good fun. Keep in touch and viel Spaß, :D Nathalie

Same here - I have only listened to a few, but I can't believe they will be able to keep it up. Its so refreshing - nothing like learning at school or out of a book or anything!

Great to hear people's positive responses! It was loads of fun creating the audio courses so hopefully you'll also have plenty of laughs while learning German! :lol:


Yeah, totally agree, I´ve just came back to my vacations in Switzerland, Austria & Linchtestein; I only listened to the first 2 units (8 lessons) and I was able to ask simple questions like "how much this costs?, do you have a map of ..." etc and they understood me; I just have to resist the temptation of not speaking english :lol: . It was fun, and the best Rocket German works :wink:

I've just gotten back from Europe, where I spent most of my time in Germany and Austria and I found I was able to communicate decently. The only problem was that when I started speaking German, the other person assumed I knew a lot more than I actually do!

:D that's great!

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