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Forum Rocket German German Feedback and Comments Language and Culture lesson 1.6 Talking About People

Language and Culture lesson 1.6 Talking About People



The recordings for the German phrases go too fast for me to be able to clearly hear what she is saying. I haven't had a problem until now; it just seems like the recording is very fast. I want to make sure my pronunciation is as clear as possible.


Hi Kat21 The native speaker in this series of lessons has been the subject of quite a few posts. I and many others have found her difficult to understand as she speaks quite fast and very softly. People do talk that way, but for beginning lessons, many of us would suggest she was not a good choice. However, the other speakers which you will encounter are much easier to understand so don't be discouraged. You just have to repeat her phrases a few more times. You'll soon get past it.


Hi kat Yeah i agree Kat. She says somethings that fast it seems shes missing words out. I am glad someone else noticed. I thought my hearing was away lol.

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