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My girlfriend is German and her father is coming to visit the United States in September. I just started learning with Rocket German and so far things are going well. I am hoping I can be somewhat fluent in 3 months. She helps me a little when we are together with the sounds. I have found that the phone is not a good way to listen and learn the words. I have to actually be in the same room with her. So what level do you think I could attain in 3 months? How much time each day should I spend? I want spend time and take my girl friend's father on a couple short trips while he is visiting. So I really need to know how to communicate on at least a basic level. P.S. I really enjoy the course - I would recommend it to others!

Hi there, you are in a very good position to learn German. You have Rocket German as well as a "personal tutor" who can help you with the pronunciation. I recommend that you spend some time using the MegaAudio Game. The game is designed to help you with understanding the spoken word, a skill you will need when traveling around with your girlfriends father. I would recommend to spend as much time as you can on going through the audio lessons and talking to your girlfriend. You will find that it will get much easier to understand her on the phone with time. Try to listen to and speak German as much as you can. You still have over three months so you will be sweet. Use our newsletter series for extra pronunciation practice as well as learning more common expressions. Good on you for making an effort to learn German to understand your girlfriends father, that's great! I'm sure he (as well as your girlfriend) will appreciate it. Please feel free to get back to me anytime.

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