Lesson 1.6


I recently started Rocket German and was enjoying the lessons until I got to 1.6 - Consonants. The lesson is way too long! Whereas other lessons had about 30 questions per section, lesson 1.6 has 163! Perhaps it should be divided into 3, 4 or even 5 parts. The next section, 1.7 - Vowels,  has 32 questions, which is more like it. Otherwise, I enjoy the lessons and think that I am learning.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi ToddS12,

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate your suggestions as we are always working on improving the course. I have passed your comments on to our Language Development team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards!


Am I right in thinking lesson 1.6 is fairly new? I've been learning for a while but went back to the beginning for some revision and found two lessons I'd not done first time around. 1.6 looks great for learning lots of vocabulary, but there is a huge amount of it in the one lesson. The reinforcement exercises contain the individual letters/sounds that are in the lesson though I'm not sure that adds anything (I sent feedback saying as much on one of the tests). 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Adam-K22, 

Yes, lesson 1.6 is fairly new; we have sent the feedback about the length of the lesson and so we'd have to wait to see if it is changed or split. 

Kind Regards 

Dean V

I'm splitting lesson 1.6 into 5 parts, the lesson, and the four reviews

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