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Lesson 18.5 Cakes, Bread and the like



Hello Rocket German Team,  

I'm up to Lesson 18.5 Cakes, Bread and the like.

I've noticed that there 3 instances of a word or two missing about half way down the page in a couple of sentences under Bread, Bread, Bread.  

“White bread is considered to be  (?)  inferior member of the bread family, at least as far as nutrition is concerned.  (?)  are many healthy and tasty whole-wheat options available.  White breads consist  (?)  to 90% wheat flour and are made from yeast dough - Hefeteig."

I thought that in the first instance the word ‘an’ may be best appropriate.  In the second instance the beginning of the sentence is missing (unless you want to make it a compound sentence).  Perhaps ‘However there'  may be best here?  The third instance in the last sentence I thought ‘of up’ would be ok.

Kind regards,




Hallo Suzanne-R,


Thank you very much for spotting this! Our apologies for the error. I have passed this on to be corrected. 


Vielen Dank,


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