Lesson 2.2: Pronouncing Halten


Hi everyone,
I think I have my Rocket Record set to medium. I'm having such trouble with the sentence in 2.2: “Ich hoffe wir halten bald an.” It's not understanding the last part of the sentence, “halten bald an.” I listen to my recording and I listen to the native speaker and I'm just not hearing any significant difference.
Any recommendations for pronouncing this better?

Graeme -TE1q

Ich auch!  However, I just kept repeating the phrase at different difficulty levels and eventually got a perfect score at all levels.  My native language is Australian English and Australians do tend to slur the ends of words.  My score seemed to improve when I made a distinct effort to pronounce clearly the ending of each word and particularly halten.  However, I must admit that I still could not hear much difference in my pronunciation when I played the phrase back.


You might enjoy this video on how to pronounce German and how it differs from the english accent.

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