Lesson 4.4 At the Restaurant



Hi, I've just completed lesson 4.4 At the Restaurant and tried to do the questions at the bottom.  In the section where we write our answers there a question asking about Rosewein.  There is supposed to be a little dash above the ‘e’ in Rose, but there isn't the button choice to select to use, (as this clearly isn't a german umlaut).

Also the last question in the final ‘quiz’ section there is a mixup with “I will have that”.  The answer should be “Das nehme ich” but the red ‘incorrect’ sign comes up.  on the last option “Das ich nehme” shows green (meaning it's correct) but has an explantion underneath saying it's wrong?



Hi Suzanne,

It's been a while since I did this lesson and it has been updated since then, so I wasn't aware that the e-acute (é) symbol had been used.

There is a work-around if you are on a Windows PC or laptop: press the Alt key and quickly type in 130. This should produce é. If you're on Apple Mac or a tablet I don't know what the equivalent is, sorry. 

There are various keyboard shortcuts for other accented letters; I posted them a couple of years ago (on the French forum if I remember correctly).  If you are interested I'll try to find it.

Viel Glück!



Hallo Suzanne-R und Peter--252!


Thank you very much for your questions, Suzanne-R! I'll answer them in sections below.


1. Roséwein

Thanks very much for flagging this for us! Since Rosé comes from French, it has an acute accent on the E - but, as you've noted, this accent isn't a regular feature of German and so isn't accounted for on our Write It! keys. I will pass this on to the German team to look at so that we can improve the testing in this section. In the meantime, there is the possibility of using ALT keys for Windows (as Peter--252 has kindly described above) or holding down the E key on a Mac and selecting É from the list of options. Our apologies for the inconvenience here!

2. Lesson 4.4 quiz - final question

For this question, you are given a choice of three correct sentences and one incorrect one, and need to select which sentence is incorrect. This means that the incorrect sentence is the correct answer. I have asked the German team to update the wording here to make this clearer. 


I hope that this is helpful! Do let me know if you still have any questions!





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