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Level 2 Difficulty

Dean V

Dean V

I have just started on Level 2 of Rocket German, and the difficulty jump hit me like a brick wall. The phrases have doubled in length, and the tutors speak so fast that I have trouble understanding what they are saying. It am not complaining, but the change is quite jarring from what I am used to. 



Hallo Dean V!


Thank you for your feedback! I can understand that can be overwhelming. Germans naturally use long sentences (as well as long words!) and also tend to speak fast to efficiently communicate with each other. When learning a new language, listening to a native speaker's conversation can seem to sound even faster as you might stumble over new vocabulary or grammar rules. Just take your time and keep working through it - you can also repeat lessons to help you become more confident and eventually the speed of the speakers talking will sound more natural to you. 


Viele Grüße,



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