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Hallo .

I am in Level 1 in Rocket German . I am not learning German through any other means or medium as of now . I find that from Module 5 onwards , the toughness of the language has taken a leap. In the sense, I am unable to retain/recollect  the new verbs /adverbs/ adjective etc  when I  revisit them . How should I help myself ? 

Vielen Dank.
Dean V

Dean V

Are you having trouble with the grammar rules? That is what I have had trouble with, just keep working on it and eventually it will click. Wish you luck.



Hallo VidyaMS und Dean V, 


Learning a new language can be tough sometimes but also very rewarding when you stick with it. I agree with Dean V, just keep working on it, practice truely makes perfect! You can always revisit lessons from the previous modules to reassess what you have already learnt and gain confidence. 


Is there anything in particular we can help you with? 

Don't hesitate to ask if you get stuck :)


Viele Grüße






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