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Linking up with a German speaker, and other feedback ...



Wouldn't it be great if there was some facility within Rocket German for an English person learning e.g. German to link up with a German learning English? It could be as simple as an area on the forum with requests for link-ups using WhatsApp or Skype.

I like the Play it exercises very much but wish they were much longer. 

I wish there was an option for turning off the difficulty buttons that you have to select after each question in the exercises - they really slow everything down and I don't find them particularly useful.

Far too many of the answers for the multiple choice quizzes are one of the first two options!

The entire interface, navigation, the different sections, Tools etc on my laptop is outstandingly good. I can't see how this can be improved so please don't start fiddling with it in the future in the name of  upgrades or progress unless there is a seriously good reason for doing so!

I have had the German course now for a couple of months and am overall really impressed and enjoying learning German. I'd really like to practice speaking more and am planning to go to Germany later in the year. 


There are many sites for linking up with native speakers, though I am finding there is a large amount of spam, scams, and bots on these sites (as well as people looking to hook up). Good luck in your quest. I would also suggest you find a true native speaker. Trying to learn from someone with a "foreign" accent speaking the German language can be rather difficult.  


A little bit snide, but one would have trouble finding a German who had to learn English! It is a required subject in every school; most Germans can speak English better than many Americans.

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