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Forum Rocket German German Feedback and Comments "Longest and Hardest Sentences in Module 13 Lesson 1 - David K 11/2/2016."

"Longest and Hardest Sentences in Module 13 Lesson 1 - David K 11/2/2016."

David K

Hallo Kommilitonen.
In Vorbereitung auf das Modul 13 Deutsch-Test habe ich eine Karte erstellt Satz mit dem Namen "Longest und Hardest Sätze in Modul 13 Lektion 1 -. David K 2016.11.02"

Der Grund, es datiert wird, ist, dass ich die härtesten Sätze der Rest des Unterrichts hinzufügen, wie ich entlang gehen, so dass Sie die verschiedenen Sets unterscheiden können.

Viel Glück,

 Hello fellow students.
In preparation for the Module 13 German Test I created a new flashcard set named "Longest and Hardest Sentences in Module 13 Lesson 1 - David K 11/2/2016."

The reason it is dated is that I will add the hardest sentences of the rest of the lessons as I go along so you can differentiate the various sets.

Good luck,


thanks David,
That is interesting as I didn't realise we could share that. I don't use the flashcards as I usually just do the tests twice. How do you see them as being different or beneficial? 

I recently watched the movie Fury and was able to understand some of the speech and signs, so I was happy with that. There was a part at the end of the movie where a German soldier says "du bist eingeladen" which did not fit the context. So it had me wondering if there was another meaning.  Also Brad Pitt calls a young woman "junges Mädchen", at first I thought it was a mistake, then I realised perhaps he is trying to show a position of power by calling her a girl.

I would enjoy seeing you make a youtube video (or hosted privately) of your progress if you were inclined. 


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